Miss Chic

My dear friend Amandine Arai, designer and owner of Pixelfashion, never dissapoints me with her cool looking shoes and boots. She sent me her latest design the other day – Elika Booties. They are so chic! So I put them together with the new outfits from one of my favourite designers – Amutey DeCuir from Bliss Couture, to create this Miss Chic styling.


瀟灑小姐 . Miss Chic

Boots: Elika Bootie from Pixelfashion (white)
Top: Ruffles Coat from Bliss Couture (Ivory)
Pants: Tweed Baggy Pants from Bliss Couture (Noir)
Hair: Sake Black from LoQ Hair (from Vintage Fair 2011)


Juliet in Sarajevo

I presented this wedding gown from [sYs] over the NOIR Fashion Week. I saw the build done by my photographer Daron Brandeis, I just got the idea of having a picture done in his set as it reminded me of the documentary “Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo.” So I got Daron to make this picture of me in the wedding gown.

薩拉熱窩的茱麗葉 . Juliet in Sarajevo

Wedding Gown: [sYs] ANGE – wedding dress (including the hat)
Ankle Boots: [sYs] DOLLS – ankle boots (titanium)
Skin: [sYs] EPSILON – Elyna skin (grey)
Makeup: [sYs] POPTART make up
Hair: Bliss Hair – Alanis Hair
Necklace: Alienbear – Queen Celestina Necklace

Devil Angela

I found this beautiful lace and feather dress from Morea Style when I shopped for my devil and angel photo shot with my old friend Greg. I love this dress immediately, and adding a pair of perfectly made angel wings from Material Squirrel. An sweet innocent angel is born!

Morea Style
Material Squirrel

光之翼 . Wings of Light

Wings: Material Squirrel – Sofiel Angel Wings
Jewelry: Finesmith bride blossom (face ornament and tiara)
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots
Hair: Maitreya Green

Opening Collection from H.O.R.

House of Rage (H.O.R.) is a couture line from the creative minds of Lybra Rage, Topaz Joubert and LovelyMiwako7399 Menna.  The evolution started last Wednesday, November 2, 2011.  I was honoured to be part of it and modeled the 3 outfits created by them.
H.O.R. Flagship

Fashion MV for the opening show

Alecto from H.O.R.
Outfit: Alecto from H.O.R.
Hair: Khaos from RAW House
Makeup: Avanta Garde from Lovely Mi Make-up
Boots: Prestige boots from BAX (black)

Godette from H.O.R.
Outfit: Godette from H.O.R.
Hair: Fanny from Uw
Boots: Prestige boots from BAX (red)

Anabella from H.O.R.
Outfit: Anabella from H.O.R.
Top hat: Flore au Darkness from H.O.R.
Hair: Alanis from Bliss Hair
Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss from [mock]
Boots: Ankle boots from BAX (black)


霓裳麗影集 is a collection of the beautiful, unique and special outfits I model on Second Life.

霓裳, in general, means clothes for goddess in Chinese. 麗影, on surface, means beautiful shadow, it refers to beautiful images. In old Chinese literature, it also refers to beautiful lady. 集 means collection.

I tried to think of a nice unique name in English for this blog.  On second thought, since Chinese is my first language and I am strong with playing the words in Chinese, so why not just keep the original, and I think it reflects myself better this way.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.