Breakfast at Mimi’s – December/11

I have not been doing a lot lately since RL has been keeping me very busy. Fortunately I was still able to attend the monthly activity at my home sim Costa Rica Sims – Breakfast at Mimi’s at the beginning of this month. Let’s have a quick recap of what I had:

Zebra Chic

Outfit: Zebra Chic from Orage Creations
Hair: Hair Attachment for Hats from LoQ Hairs
Necklace: Soul Necklace from Mandala
Heels: Soleil from N-Core
Picture courtesy of Costa Rica Sims Production

Megu Fur and Leather Set

Outfit: Megu Fur Jacket & Leather One-piece White set from Gabriel (boots included)
Hair: Whisky from LoQ Hair
Thank you Ciel for taking this picture for me ❤

All outfits and hair can be found at Mimi’s Choice.
Feel free to check out more about Breakfast at Mimi’s in December.


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