I’m a Wild One

Finally I get time and energy to catch up what I have been missing in SL fashion world. First I must recap my first fashion show as a Maniera model on Sunday, Feburary 12, 2012. It was the 3rd year anniversary show for Maniera. The show featured the work from Faster Pussycat, designed by the very cool designer Honey Bender. Let’s rock n’ roll with her cool design at the show venue:


I'm a Wild One - Part 3

HAIR: Faster Pussycat ~ Neo Geisha Beehive Hair ~ White
DRESS: Faster Pussycat ~ Yoko dress (includes glitch pants and boa)
BOOTS: Faster Pussycat ~ Neo Geisha Revolution ~ cream
Makeup: LovelyMi ~ Lybra Smudge for Fasionbanly Late ~ Full


I'm a Wild One

HAIR: Faster Pussycat ~ Giga Geisha Beehive Hair ~ red
TOP: Faster Pussycat ~ Cherry Bomb off the shoulder top ~ Red
SKIRT: Faster Pussycat ~ Cherry Bomb Mini Skirt
TIGHTS: Faster Pussycat ~ Flowered footless tights
BOOTS: Faster Pussycat ~ Neo Geisha Revolution ~ red
MAKEUP: LovelyMi ~ GEISHA ~ Vaher Mayhem ~ Full
Accessory: Faster Pussycat ~ Cherry Bomb Retro Case
Tattoo: moloko ~ Lyrics Tattoo

Hot for School

I'm a Wild One - Part 2

HAIR: Faster Pussycat ~ Geishagasm ~ Pink
TOP: Faster Pussycat ~ Hot for School top
PANTS: Faster Pussycat ~ Tokyo Hotel
GLOVES: Faster Pussycat ~ Black Driving Gloves
BOOTS: Faster Pussycat ~ Neo Geisha Revolution ~ Black
MAKEUP: LovelyMi ~ Geisha ~ Vaher Absurd Innocence ~ Full
CUFFS: Faster Pussycat ~ Strapped/Spike Wrist Cuff
BELT: Faster Pussycat ~ Spokey gold belt


2 thoughts on “I’m a Wild One

  1. WOW Meimei. Fabulous looks and wonderful pictures. Your blog is relatively new; but, it has rapidly become one of the most exciting. It’s a must read.

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