NYU Accessories

NYU Accessories

NYU releases her first line of accessories today – Nicole Sunglasses, Minimal Leather Heels, Tux Leather Loafers, Pastel Brushed Leather Bag and Suede Leather Bag. All available now in different colors.

On Cieleste Magic

BODY SUIT: H.O.F ~ AnjaBasicUnitard ~ Blue

SHOES: NYU ~ Tux Leather Loafers ~ Vintage

SUNGLASSES: NYU ~ Nicole Sunglasses ~ Dark

BAG: NYU ~ Suede Leather Bag ~ Brown

On Me

BODY SUIT: H.O.F ~ AnjaBasicBodysuit ~ Blue

SHOES: NYU ~ Minimal Leather Heels ~ Red

SUNGLASSES: NYU ~ Nicole Sunglasses ~ Light

BAG: NYU ~ Pastel Brushed Leather Bag ~ Yellow

Photographer: Cieleste Magic


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