My Miss Virtual World 2013 Journey

my mvw

December 15, 2012, I had the honor to represent China, my home country, to participate the finale of Miss Virtual World 2013 with 29 other misses.

Being Miss China of Miss Virtual World has been my ultimate goal in SL modeling. I was very fortunate to be selected as one of the contestants and got to be Miss China back in May at the first round of audition.

Miss Virtual World - MISS V♛ CHINA 2013

I have a lot of support from my friends and family since day one. They all not only have offered helps such as providing outfits, accessories and poses I needed for all challenges and events, but also have been very supportive with their encouragement and patience. Without them I would not be able to finish MVW. Especially with their support and help, I got to feature these fabulous swimwear, national costume, formal gown, and jewelry set over MVW finale.

Swimwear: Mermaid inspired bathing suit
mvw swimwear

Designer: Giz Seorn from GizzA Creation
Theme: Mermaid/Siren inspired bathing suit
Inspiration: one of the hats created by Guo Pei

The theme for the swimwear challenge is mermaid/siren, it is also our final styling challenge. Mermaid styling is usually sexy, but with a twist of avant garde would make it more visually attractive. Guo Pei is a Chinese fashion designer and best known for her avant garde style. I remember she has a hat that reminds me of coral. Giz takes it as the inspiration with the beautiful drawing of the mermaid fin to create this breathtaking bathing suit.

I can never thank Giz enough for this marvelous work. When I got selected as one of the MVW finalists back in May, I already asked Giz to be my designer for swimwear. Just like a year ago, she simply just shows her support with her actions. She immediately accepted my request and gave me her full support. Things have been changing over time. We were told that there would be swimwear provided for the finale; then swimwear became our final styling challenge and would be used for the finale. Giz still kept her promise. I couldn’t help screaming with joy and excitement when I received it. Thank you so much Giz!

National Gown
MVW 2013 Miss China - National Costume

Designer: Poulet Koenkamp from PurpleMoon Creations
Mesh creator and helmet designer: NyuNyu Kimono from NYU
Inspiration: Hua Mulan

Mulan is the legendary female warrior in ancient China; she has a special place in every Chinese girl’s heart, which is why she is the main source of inspiration of my national costume. The color red is chosen as red does not only present passion and power; but also is the favourite color of Chinese as it means happiness and prosperity. The refined texture on the outfit represent the background of Mulan – she was a textiles professional before going to the war for her father. The flowers on the armor and helmet are inspired by her name – in Chinese, her family name Hua means “flower” , and her given name Mulan means “wood orchid.”

I am so lucky to have two of the most outstanding creators on SL to make me this extraordinary national costume. I really appreciate Nyu and Poulet for their amazing work, support and patience. NyuNyu has been very supportive ever since I met her. When she knew I got into MVW, she was so happy and excited, and volunteer to be my mesh sponsor. Poulet is one of the few designers on SL I always admire. She is my top choice designer for national gown, especially after seeing her outstanding work for Caoimhe Lionheart’s national gown last year. She also accepted my request as soon as I asked her to be my designer. Thank you so much Nyu and Poulet!

Formal Gown and Jewelry Set
MVW 2013 Miss China - Formal Gown and Jewelry Set

Gown designer: Amutey Decuir from Bliss Couture
Mesh creator: NyuNyu Kimono from NYU
Inspiration: Qipao and Jason Wu 2012 Fall Collection
Jewelry designer: Alienbear Gupte from Alienbear’s
Inspiration: Dragon and John Hardy’s jewelery

There are 2 main source of inspiration for the formal gown – Qipao and Jason Wu 2012 Fall Collection. Qipao is the stylish, tight-fitting but classy and fashionable dress, which was first designed for socialites and upper-class women back in the 20s and has became popular for formal wear for important occasions nowadays for Chinese ladies. Jason Wu is one of the few Chinese designers I love. His 2012 fall collection has a huge Chinese influence in it. I immediately fell in love with them when I first saw them. Black is chosen as the base color of the gown because to me, the color black always appears as elegant and sophistication. With the yellow gold colored Chinese pattern to show the nobility; as yellow or gold was the color of Imperial China and they have been signified good luck for Chinese culture.

Dragon is the main theme for the jewelry set as this is the year of Dragon; and we Chinese people believe that we are the descendants of dragons. I told Alienbear that I really like the dragon inspired jewelry from John Hardy. Alienbear designed this amazing set of jewelry and explained to me that every piece of jewelry in this set combined together balance with the formal gown. The dragon on the dragon crown is holding a gold pearl, looking at the dragon on the left earring, which is looking at the dragon bracelet that wraps around the left wrist. The dragon on the wrist is looking at the dragon on the right ring, that spits the gold pearl on the left ring. The entire set is inspired by the well known scene to Chinese: Dragon spitting precious pearl (龍吐珠). It presents the Queen of China with the superior, elegant and modern feel.

I am so grateful that I have two brilliant designers on SL to create the amazing formal gown and jewelry for me. Amutey has been my very important friend and designer since I started modeling. From the first Meimei gown to this OMG gown. She always plays an important role in any important pageant or modeling contest I have participated. She is always very supportive no matter how busy her schedule is. I don’t know what to say to thank this fellow Hong Konger of mine. I still remember how thrilled she was when she knew I got into MVW. I love every bit of her.

Alienbear Gupte, one of the famous jewelry designers on SL and is well known for her elegant designs and refined details of her work. When she showed me the first draft of the gold dragon crown, my jaw dropped! I honestly still cannot find any word to describe how impressed I was every time she called me for fitting. I am still stunned by her abilities, skills and talents, and very much appreciate for all her effort to create the set for me before her vacation. Thank you so much my Hong Kong friend and my king insanely great jewelry queen 🙂

Every piece of the jewelry combined together create a balance; therefore, I promised Alienbear that I would do the best I can to find poses that would work well with the gown and jewelry. I could only find 2 poses in my inventory. Luckily, at the very last minute, I got the help from Ritch Nicholls, a very dedicated and talented pose maker, created 3 special poses for me. I really appreciate all his effort, assistance and patience, thank you very much Ritch!

MVW 2013 Top5

I have gained a lot of precious memories and great experience from this journey, but what touches me the most is friendship. I have made a lot of new friends from MVW and shared a lot of fun with them at each event. A few misses I already knew before MVW have even become my close friends. Throughout the journey, the support I have been getting, makes me realize I am such a lucky person. I would like to take the chance here to thank them (no particular order, and I try the best I can not to miss anyone): Zachary, Cieleste, NyuNyu, Amutey, Giz, Auster, Poulet, Alienbear, Ritch, Shinichi, Vinn, Fashionboi, Azure, Maylee, Daphne, Hik, Takeshi, Kalli, Pam, VeronicaLynn, Nico, Mila, Mayhem, Louise, Babychampagne, Ai, Leah, Natz, Mari, Greg, Kia, Anna, Amita, Des, everyone in Groupe Le PonPon, all my modeling trainers at CWS, Maniera Institute of Style, Lush Modeling Academy, and Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy; my agencies – Asymetrique, AvCON, Avenue, BeStyle, Elegancia, Elite Pasarella Model, Farouche Tres Modeling Agency, Forren Ashford Management, IMA Professional, Maniera Model Management, ProFashion Productions, and Solo Evane; my sponsors – Alienbear Design, Bliss Couture, GizzA Creation, NYU!, PurpleMoon Creations, Poseology, Shiki Design, House of Fox, [sYs], and L’Homme Magazine SL; and every one of you who has encouraged me and given me all the nice and inspiring words. I appreciate each of you and thank you so much for being there for me.

At the end, I would like to thank Frolic and all staff in Miss Virtual World Organization for giving me this great opportunity to be part of the MVW 2013. Thank you very much for your trust and support. I would also like to thank the panel of judges for voting me as one of the top 5 finalists. I am still very surprised and thrilled about it. This really means a lot to me as this is a huge recognition for all the hard work my designers, creators and myself have put in for this journey.

Picture courtesy of October Bettencourt, Zachary Zufreur, Tillie Ariantho


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