Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora

Squinternet Larnia, owner of Donna Flora, the amazing, talented and creative vintage clothes and jewelry designer on Second Life. I first knew about Donna Flora in my very early day on SL and it was through her jewelry. I found her jewelry store at Mimikri and I was totally amazed. I said to myself once I made enough L, first thing I would is to buy her jewelry.

That day I also went to her main store. After a quick tour, I just could not help falling in love with her designs and her store. Every detail in her store, from the style of her outfits, accessories, hair, furniture, to the build and decorations of her store, you could just feel her passion and love towards the vintage style, her designs, her brand, and even for Second Life. I remember there was an area in her main store provided bunch of freebies and 10L or below items. They were all quality items even they were free or very low in price. From small thing like this, I could tell that Squinternet is a very kind and lovely lady with a heart filled with love and generosity. I have been her big fan since then. Later on I started modeling, and I had the pleasure to have a few interactions with her. She was always very nice, gentle and lovely.

It was very sad and heartbroken when hearing about Sequinternet’s condition. If you have not heard about the fundraising event Love Donna Flora, I hope you would take a moment to visit and support this event as there are only a few days left. I am looking forward to seeing Squinternet come back to SL again with better health and sending my love and strength to this brave lady.

Love Donna Flora

HAIR: MIAMAI – Songe – Black (modified)

DRESS: GizzA – Yeriak Gown – Rose (Love Donna Flora)

SHOES: Donna Flora – ILDE Shoes

EARRINGS: Donna Flora – Martina

Eyeshadow: Donna Flora – Springtime – Gold

POSE: Posesion


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