About Meimei Shiu

Meimei Shiu is a Second Life fashion event organiser, stylist and model.

In real life, I am a Hong Kong girl living in Canada.  I love music, dancing, reading, and travelling.

On my spare time, I love online gaming.  Before coming on Second Life, I was a big time WoW head.

On September 15, 2010, I was bored with the end game on WoW.  I heard about Second Life from friends so I decided to give it a try.

First few days were weird to me, I was going to give up and was going to get FF XIV.  A week after, the piece of junk I got from HP just suicide. I got no choice but to use my 6 year old computer while building a new one. Only game that I could handle with lag without worrying about dying is SL, so I returned.

This time I started to explore and try different things.  I accidentally found out about modelling on SL.  It has been a magical experience to me.  As an IT specialist, I am in a very male dominated field causing me to hide my feminine side as well as being a tomboy since childhood. I strive to be treated with respect and equality.  Not by gender or appearance but only to express the interest and passion in aesthetics indirectly through writing and product creations.  Second Life gives me a wide open space to let my inner goddess out.  Through styling with variety of clothing and accessories, I express my inner femininity and creativeness base on my emotions, my views and my attitudes towards people, culture and nature.

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