Faces of Moolto 2012

Today is the last day of public voting for Faces of Moolto 2012. If you have not cast your vote yet, I would suggest you to do so before it closes. Show your support to your favourite contestant! 🙂

Voting at: http://moolto.ning.com/group/MrandMissMoolto

Here I am doing a recap of what I have done for the semi-final and the final of Faces of Moolto 2012.

Mootlo 2012 – Semi Final ~ Casual with Moolto Colors

When I got this challenge, first thing I said to myself – I am not going to style it with summer outfit. I wanted to do a styling a little different, so I decided to go for a fur top. I was lucky to have Amutey customized her Benoir Fur Bolero and Nunu Bell Bottom for me. With the hair and the accessories, this look is chic blend in some hippy style, I just love it so much!

Mootlo 2012 - Semi Final ~ Casual with Moolto Colors

海闊天空 ~ A Vast World

Fur: Benoir Fur Bolero ~ courtesy of Amutey DeCuir from Bliss Couture
Jeans: Nunu Bell Bottom ~ courtesy of Amutey DeCuir from Bliss Couture
Belt: Belt Milly ~ Pixelfashion
Hair: Daria ~ Tangles Hair Salon
Shoes: Leeloo platform ~ Maai
Earrings: WooW Earrings ~ A&A Fashion
Bangles: Square Bangle ~ Emery

Moolto 2012 – Semi Final ~ Formal

I usually wear purple or black for formal, but this time, I said to myself – I want to step out my box. So I picked blue. I went to Didier’s House of Europe first. When I saw this dress, I immediately knew “that’s the one!” So lucky he was having a big sales at his store. I got a very good deal on this beautiful dress. Because of the sparkles and the flare at the bottom of the dress, I went for a vintage look for this style, and it just worked out perfect!

Moolto 2012 - Semi Final ~ Formal

星夢情真 ~ Starry Dreams of Love

Gown: Angelik ~ House of Europe
Pumps: Goddess Line ~ VDI
Jewelry: Gala set ~ Donna Flora
Hair: Tamara ~ TuTy’s

Moolto 2012 – Final ~ Avant Garde with Moolto Colors

When I got the nc for this challenge, I said to Angelik “that’d kill a lot of people!” since black is always the color for avant garde to many people. Of course, all of us passed this challenge as being the finalist of Faces of Moolto, you have to be able to style for any kind of challenge.

I decided to go all the way with Moolto Colors on the styling, like last time I did for the semi-final. When I saw the new design from Mila, the designer of *SoliDea FoliEs*, I was inspired right the way. This sweet lady immediately said yes to give me her full support and assistant. This is how I got this styling done successfully. I really cannot thank her enough!

Moolto 2012 - Final ~ Avant Garde with Moolto Colors

歌姬魅影 ~ Phantom of the Geisha

Dress: Riri Love ~ *SoliDea FoliEs* ~ Customized and courtesy of Mila Tatham
Hat: Miss Macarena ~ BaOba ~ customized to pink
Zouri: Zouri ~ Sweetaholic
Fan: Particle fan ~ Sweetaholic
Make up: Geisha ~ Lovely Mi Make-up

Moolto 2012 – Final ~ Moolto Representative

Moolto 2012 - Final ~ Moolto Representative

My idea of Moolto representative should be blended with these elements: grand but approachable and energetic, sexy but stylish and chic. This styling with the combination of cape and strapless dress with Moolto colors, I think it shows them all.

她說 ~ She says

Cape: Cape ~ Mimikri
Dress: Helena ~ Mimikri
Shoes: Esprit-Xtd ~ Maitreya Gold
Hair: Jude ~ MADesigns
Jewelry: Eternelle set ~ je suis

壹年 . One Year

壹年 . One Year

I normally don’t like to openly put my sentiments towards people who are close to me in writing. I feel that’s really no one else’s business and I believe this is a good way to protect any form of relationship. Since I have known Zach for a year, I am going to make a little exception for him.

Zach and me met at the first agency I worked for. At the beginning, someone told me he’s French (yeah… wth!!) Unlike all my classmates, I had no photographer to go to. I personally feel that picture is a very strong effective way to show emotions. I just want to work with someone who I feel comfortable to express what I want in pictures, so I want to get to know the photographer first. I told Zach right at the beginning and he’s totally cool with that, never pressured me to use him at all. In fact, we started hanging out, and chat a lot. I found out he’s also Asian (duh!!), which I think it helps putting us closer as we have similar culture and background.

No need to say more, the bond between us is definitely strong. He has been my photographer for a long long time, and one of the very few people I can trust on SL. I am so thankful that I have met Zach. He is always there for me, for happiness and sadness, for crazy and dull moments. He is always being very supportive and never BS me.

I really admire Zach’s attitude to people. He’s always friendly, helpful and never being fake at all. I am very lucky to witness how he expands his career on SL and am very proud of his achievements in such a short time. One thing I love about Zach is, no matter how far he goes in SL, he is still the same Zach. I never find half an oz of arrogance in him after he has achieved so much. He is still the same person who I laugh with on Skype everyday.

I can’t believe one year has gone so fast, and I am glad that I still have Zach in my family, the little brother I never had. I am looking forward to having more good months and years with him.

my very first modeling picture, taken by Zach


霓裳麗影集 is a collection of the beautiful, unique and special outfits I model on Second Life.

霓裳, in general, means clothes for goddess in Chinese. 麗影, on surface, means beautiful shadow, it refers to beautiful images. In old Chinese literature, it also refers to beautiful lady. 集 means collection.

I tried to think of a nice unique name in English for this blog.  On second thought, since Chinese is my first language and I am strong with playing the words in Chinese, so why not just keep the original, and I think it reflects myself better this way.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.